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Cellular & Satellite provides a compressive suite of broadband data options for your business connectivity needs.  Global SIMs, multi-carrier wireless data plans, and advanced RF amplifiers usher in a new level of wireless connectivity, dramatically simplifying the lives of Mobility Managers.  If you need broadband connectivity where there isn’t any cellular coverage, we have a suite of satellite services that can meet your specific needs.  Jungles, oceans, deserts, and mountains: we go there!  If you need to simplify your wireless life, call us today!


Cellular & Satellite can readily scale to your fixed or mobile applications – from one to 40,000 units.


The principals of Cellular & Satellite were pioneers in the Wireless and Satellite Industries.  They have spent a lifetime deploying wireless and satellite solutions and can offer perspective and sound engineering advice regarding the proper application of each communication technology.

Comprehensive Service

Why do we support both cellular and satellite data services? At first glance, it may appear that cellular and satellite services are competitive technologies, while in fact, they’re complementary technologies, offering the network architect a number of advantages. Hybrid networks, that combine both technologies are extremely resilient, with exceedingly high network availability. Cellular & Satellite prides itself on helping customers select the best wireless connectivity option for your specific need.  We provide: telecommunication hardware, wireless and/or satellite services, installation support, program management, and 24 X 7 support on a global basis.


Are you forced to manage multiple wireless carriers and a mountain of invoices in an effort to add flexibility to your mobility strategy?


For customers that need data plans for the United States, Cellular & Satellite offers a multi-carrier data plan that combines the two largest wireless carriers serving North America into a simple, cost effective data solution.



For customers with international communication needs, Cellular & Satellite offers a Global SIM which provides a simple, flat rate per GB that can be used in 200+ counties.



Cellular Services

Our wireless data plans will simplify your life.  Cellular & Satellite offers a unique multi-carrier data plan in the United States that provides a fixed price per GB and includes services from the two largest wireless carriers in North America.  If one wireless carrier doesn’t cover a particular area, chances are its competitor does.  Why pay for two different data plans when you can get service from both carriers through our multi-carrier plan?  Call us and we can simplify your life.

Satellite Services

Cellular & Satellite provides turnkey satellite communication solutions to companies that need flexible and cost effective connectivity in rural and remote areas that are beyond cellular coverage.  Satellite connectivity provides not only route diversity, but technology diversity as well, allowing network architects to build hybrid networks which maximize network uptime.  Satellite technology also enables network architects to employ IP multicast for the distribution of data to hundreds of thousands of sites with a single transmission.

Cellular & Satellite provides:

  • North American and International Services

  • Dedicated bandwidth solutions, including dedicated inroutes to ensure uncontested traffic.

  • Software defined satellite modems- buy only the bandwidth you need.

  • Geo-diverse hubs, allowing exceptionally high network availability

  • Shared hub and dedicated hub options

  • Advanced network management tools

  • Solar-friendly satellite hardware options



Retail Point of Sale Networks
SCADA Networks 
Bank ATM Machines
Internet of Things
Business Continuity
Mobility Applications 


Globalgig SIMs & Multi-Carrier Service Plans
Advanced Amplifiers for Wireless Data Applications

Globalgig’s patented Global SIM provides unparalleled flexibility when it comes to international connectivity: one SIM, one flat rate per GB, global connectivity in 200+ countries.  If you need to deploy 10 or 10,000 devices on a global basis, Globalgig’s Global SIM supports rapid deployment of IoT and mobility networks and their customer portal makes management of thousands of wireless data plans in a snap.

Tired of trying to support mobility customers that never seem to be in the right wireless footprint?  Globalgig's multi-carrier SIM with flexible data plans is a force multiplier, providing you a larger cellular footprint, while reducing the number of invoices you receive to just one.

ClearRF’s machine-to-machine (M2M) signal amplifiers increase network connectivity of wireless routers and modems to and from the cell tower, in addition to improving network range and protecting performance. Unlike traditional RF boosters that block data from being transmitted when they fail or lose power, ClearRF’s patented Passive RF Bypass fail-over allows the tethered device to access a network signal through their amplifier and remain connected to the network; even during the loss of power or when the ambient signal strength is good and signal enhancement is not required.


If your mission critical application requires continuous connectivity to the network, stay connected with ClearRF!



Scout ™ Phased Array Terminal & GSAN Network from Switch
Smart LNB Satellite Service

The Scout™ line of phased array satellite antennas from SWITCH provides uncompromised affordability when it comes to flat panel satellite antennas. Scout™ terminals, both fixed and electronically steerable phased array antennas, can be purchased individually, allowing satellite service providers to use Scout™ terminals on their existing iDirect networks, or the terminals can be bundled with services on SWITCH’s Global Satellite Network Access Network (GSAN), which harnesses the impressive power of Intelsat’s EPIC fleet of HTS satellites. The Scout™ Fixed terminal is a little larger than a pizza box and weighs just 25 pounds. The weather-proof terminal is fully integrated and includes: BUC, LNB, iDirect X7 modem, GPS receiver, integrated pointing tool with OLED display, and WiFi hotspot. It’s time to SWITCH!

Eutelsat’s Smart LNB satellite service is a disruptive telecommunications technology that delivers an unrivaled price/performance ratio.  With hardware rivalling the cost of cell phone modems and associated service plans that are competitive with cellular data plans, Smart LNB satellite services provides ubiquitous coverage of entire regions and continents.  No longer must you wonder if there is cellular coverage in an area.  Data pooling, VLAN tagging, data encryption are all standard features.   Smart LNB satellite service is ideal for transactional data networks, including Retail Point of Sale, SCADA, Bank ATMs, and lottery ticket networks.  Smart LNB satellite services are also well suited for business continuity applications.

Traditional VSAT Systems
Fully Managed
Voice and Fax Lines

Depending on your application, traditional KU-band VSAT services can be a good fit for your connectivity needs.  Companion services. such as fully managed Voiceover IP lines and Fax over IP solutions over satellite, are also available.

Cellular & Satellite provides highly reliable voice over IP and fax over IP lines specifically designed to work over a satellite link.  Our customer portal enables the NPA and NXX to be chosen and assigned within minutes.



If you have an application that requires satellite connectivity, Cellular & Satellite is ready to assist you.  

We support our Channel Partners from start to finish, including sales support, satellite engineering, network sizing, project management and installation support, along with 24 X 7 ongoing network management support.




For Cellular & Satellite inquiries, or to become a channel partner, please call 832-551-1000, email, or fill out the following form

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